Chemical Cleaning Services

What is it? What we do? Why do it?
Chemical wash for air-conditioner unit Dismantle inner fan coils (only with Superior Plan) Save electricity cost
Required when general maintenance fails to solve the problem Chemical wash of parts For pure air
Flush drainage pipes Solve water leakage issues
Clean fan blades and blower wheels Eliminate noise problems
Check electrical parts Lengthen air-conditioner lifespan
Test run system
Value Added Services (Free of Charge):
  • Check for excessive or abnormal noise generated by units
  • Inspect fan belt and adjust tension where necessary
  • Check the operation of electrical components in control panels, clean electrical contacts


Chemical Clean per fan coil unit
9 000 to 12 000 BTU 18 000 to 24 000 BTU
$120 -$150 nett $150 – 180 nett


(90 Day Warranty)*