Yearly Maintenance Contract

What is it? What we do? Why do it?
Same purpose as the one-time general maintenance Clean air filters Save cost: Same service for less money
Exception: includes 3 or 4 maintenance services per year Clean evaporator coil For pure air
Clean condenser coil Solve water leakage issues
Flush drainage pipe Eliminate noise problems
Lubricate parts if needed Lengthen air-conditioner lifespan
Test run system
Value Added Services (Free of Charge):
  • Check for excessive or abnormal noise generated by units
  • Inspect fan belt and adjust tension where necessary
  • Check the operation of electrical components in control panels, clean electrical contacts
No. of fan coils in air-conditioner Tri-yearly (Every 4 months) (NETT) Quarterly (Every 3 months) (NETT)
3 $180 $216
4 $240 $288
5 $300 $360
6 $360 $432


(365 Days Warranty)* 
Fees paid are not refundable if the contract is terminated
before the end of term.